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Elevator Test & Measurement Services

1. Elevator Test and Measurement Services

We provide test and measurement services to Professional Engineers / Authorised Engineers / Lift Contractors / Lift Owners to assess the performance and health state of the elevator. The type of test includes,
• Elevator ride quality test with reports according to ISO18738 standard. These quantitative records can be used as handling over of new installation to lift owners with recorded lift performance.
• Elevator Safety Gear Test with reports according to EN81 or SS50 to record the functionality of the Safety Gear System meeting the maintenance outcome.
• Elevator Machine Brake Test / Elevator Buffer Test with reports
• Elevator Counter-weight and Car balancing check with reports
• Machine Wire Ropes Tension Difference Check with reports.

2. Elevator Installation / Machine Rope Replacement / Lift Modernisation Service

Our team of maintenance crews provides the elevator installation, machine rope replacement, lift modernisations etc. services.