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Germany Henning Products – Vision Elevator Components & Solutions Provider Pte Ltd is the distributor for ASEAN countries

1. Safety Gear Test Equipment

We are the exclusive sole distributor to provide ELVI Safety Gear Test Equipment for ASEAN Countries. The Safety Gear Test is performed according to EN81 standard or SS550 standard to measure the Safety Gear Force and Safety Gear brake sliding distance. Reports can be generated for the test.

2. Machine Brake and Buffer Test Equipment

The ELVI Test System is also able to measure the performance of Machine Brake and Buffer. . Reports can be generated for the test.

3. Machine Traction Force Test Equipment

The ELVI Test System can be deployed to measure the traction force of machine wire ropes in order to assess the condition of the sheave / wire ropes. Reports can be generated for the test.

4. Empty Car Weight / Counterweight measurement with Balancing Assessment

The MSM12 System is able to measure the Empty Car Weight / Counterweight measurement to provide the balancing status of the lift in a short period of time, without having the need of using manpower to carry static dead weight into the lift. The counterweight balancing can be done within 10 minutes. The counterweight balancing is especially important after lift modernisation jobs are being performed. . Reports can be generated for the test.

5. Elevator Ride Quality Test According to ISO18738 Standard

Our product consist of different type of ride qualify measurement for different purpose. In particular, the most popular type is our handheld Liftinspector equipment which is light, portable and easy to operate. The lift technician can takes along with it to perform the elevator ride quality test within minutes. The ride quality report can be generated as proof of performance during lift handing over or maintenance quality during lift servicing. Most importantly, the on-site ride measurements results can help the technician to zoom in to the problem area thus reduce the amount of troubleshooting time.

6. Test and Measurement Services

We provide test and measurement services to Professional Engineers / Authorised Engineers / Lift Contractors / Lift Owners to assess the performance and health state of the elevator. Reports will be generated for the test measurement.