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Smart Lifts

We provide SMART Lift (home lift / passenger lift / cargo lift). The SMART Lift will provide real time condition monitoring with advance analytic to support predictive maintenance. Thus, it will reduce the frequency of lift breakdown, prolong critical components liftspan and reduce lift downtime.

For new SMART LIFT installation,  we provide customised design to fit the lift into the shaft/hoistway. For exisitng lift upgarde to SMART LIFT, we proivde free site assessment.


- Hydraulic mechanism
- Single phase power requirement
- Modular shaft can

Passenger Lift

- Luxury Cabin Design
- Full height COP with true colour information screen
- LCD Display

Cargo Lift

Simple Design

-Rubber Collision protection strip design increase the safety in case of collision, thus guaranteeing the reliability and safety of goods during carrying process

-Light curtain door protection and high precision levelling design enable goods to be moved out of the lift smoothly and safety.

Bed Lift

-Not only used to convey passengers, also been put with the special and strict requirement.

-Stress on the human design and satisfied customer’s using demands, and provides passengers with a quite and cosy space.